Wednesday, July 15

National Symbols

National motto/salute: Pula! which means “let there be rain”. This is a reflection of the centrality of rain in this semi-arid country.

NB: The Botswana currency is also called “Pula”. It is important to also note that to the people of Botswana (Batswana), Pula means more than just ‘rain’. It represents life itself, happiness, good health and prosperity, as well as warm greetings or warm welcome or bon voyage.

National Flag
The blue represents the sky and water (NB: the national currency is PULA, which means “let there be rain”). The white-black-white colours depict the racial harmony of the people as well as the pluralistic racial composition of the nation.
National Coat of Arms

The three cog wheels represent mining and industry in Botswana. The three wavy blue bands in the centre represent the few rivers in the country and the importance of or reliance on water.

A bull’s head symbolises the importance of the cattle industry in the country’s economy. The two Zebras, one supporting an Elephant’s tusk, represent the natural fauna of the country, while a head of sorghum represents Agriculture.

The motto “Pula” means “let there be rain”.

NationalAnthem: Adopted 1966; lyrics/music by Kgalemang Tumediso MOTSETE.


Fatshe leno la rona
Ke mpho ya Modimo,
Ke boswa jwa bo-rraetsho,
A le nne ka kagiso


Tsogang, tsogang banna, tsogang,
Emang basadi, emang tlhagafalang!
Re kopaneleng go direla
Lefatshe la rona

Ina lentle la tumo,
La tshaba ya Botswana,
Ka kutlwano le kagisano
E bopagantswe mmogo

OUR LAND (translation in English)

Blessed be this noble land,
Gift to us from God’s strong hand,
Heritage our fathers left to us,
May it always be at peace


Awake, awake! O men, awake!
And women close behind them stand!
Together we’ll work and serve,
This land, this happy land

Work of beauty and of fame,
The name Botswana to us came,
Through our unity and harmony,
We’ll remain at peace as one

National animal: Zebra;

The Zebra became the symbol of Botswana because it is considered to be neutral in so far as tribal symbols go, and secondly because its black and white colours are in consonance with the colours of the flag, which represent racial harmony of the people as well as the pluralistic racial composition of the nation.

National tree: Morula (Sclerocarya birrea, sub species, caffra)

National bird: Kgori (Kgori bustard)

National flower: Sengaparile (Harpagophytum procumbens)

National grass: Motsikiri (Eragrostis pallens)