Botswana and Austria Bilateral Relations

Botswana and Austria established diplomatic relations almost immediately after Botswana’s independence. The two countries have enjoyed cordial relations at both bilateral and international levels.

The Austrian Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa, has been accredited to Botswana since 1967. It is currently supported by the Austrian Honorary Consul in Gaborone, Ms. Doreen Khama. The Botswana Permanent Mission to the United Nations Office in Geneva was accredited to Austria in 2002. Botswana’s interests in Austria are represented by the Botswana Honorary Consul in Vienna, Prof. Dr Harald Meixner, since August 1990.

Bilateral Cooperation Agreements

Botswana and Austria continue to cooperate in a number of areas. These include among others, Trade, Defence and Security, Transport, Tourism and Education. There is potential for further cooperation in a number of other areas.

Visa Requirements

Nationals of Austria do not need visa to visit Botswana. However, Batswana need visa to enter Austrian territory and they can get visa at the Austrian Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa.

For nationals of other countries residing in Austria, who require visa to enter Botswana, application for visa can be made through filling out the form below and sending it to the Mission, either by e-mail to, fax or post:


The Permanent Mission of Botswana in Geneva also facilitates assistance to Batswana in the countries of accreditation. All Batswana living in Austria are required to complete the form below and send it to the Mission either by email to, fax or post.


Information on Botswana and other assistance, including travelling to Botswana or tourism and investment in Botswana could be sought at the Honorary Consul’s office:

Dr. Harald Meixner
Botswana Honorary Consul
Linke Wienzele 4
A-1060 Vienna

(0043) 1587 9612 / 17

   (0043) 1587 3432

The Presidential Task Team on Botswana Vision 2036 visit to Vienna: 18-22 April 2016

The Presidential Task Team (PTT) on the development of Vision 2036 was tasked among others to conduct diagnostic studies on four thematic areas of: economy and employment; social upliftment; sustainable environment and governance, peace and security.

As part of this, the PTT undertook international benchmarking in four selected countries; namely Austria, Chile, Malaysia and Rwanda. The main purpose for benchmarking was to learn from other countries as to how they have managed to perform well in certain aspects, as well as how their visions were formulated and implemented.

A delegation of twelve (12) members visited Vienna, Austria from 18 to 22 April 2016. The main reason for choosing Austria as a benchmark was because of its successes as a landlocked country and its transition from socialist to market-based economy. The Permanent Mission of Botswana to the UN in Geneva, also accredited to Austria facilitated and participated in the visit. The delegation held discussions with institutions including private sector companies as well as parastatal entities. In addition to the meetings and guided tours, the delegation was invited to radio station called Radio Afrika International (RAI), hosted by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation. RAI is a privately owned radio station that seeks to promote Africa in Austria, address prejudice and present positive image of Africa. The delegation provided information about Botswana including the purpose of the visit. The radio interview also provided an opportunity for the delegation to market Botswana.